Welcome to LEXIN!

The LEXIN dictionaries are developed especially for minority language pupils in the primary and secondary education and training. The entry words are selected with this target group in mind. In addition to everyday words you will find words and expressions that are useful to know for persons living in Norway.

The LEXIN dictionaries contain many pictures and are easy to use. This makes them suitable also for children and others with limited reading or writing skills. The pictures are divided into 33 picture themes entitled e.g. «Family and relations», «The human body – internal parts» and «School and education». All information about the entry word is found with the entry word itself in the dictionary entry. There you will also find information about part of speech, simple explanations and examples of the entry word in everyday use. In addition you can see how to inflect and pronounce the entry word. You may also listen to all the Bokmål and Nynorsk content by means of speech syntesisis.

Contact us by e-mail if you have any questions or encounter problems in your use of LEXIN.