About search

How to search for a word in Norwegian LEXIN:

  1. Enter the word you would like to search for in the search field (the blank field).
  2. Press the Search button.
  3. If the dictionary contains the word you searched for, information about this word will appear on the screen. All occurences of your search word will be marked in yellow.
  4. New: Earlier only Norwegian words were searchable in LEXIN. From February 2018 you can also search for words in other languages. Read more about this further down.
  5. A picture-icon behind a word means that the word is illustrated. Click on this icon to see the picture.
  6. You will get hits in the entire dictionary articles, and not only in the entry words. If you search for hus, you will also get hits on husdyr and sykehus (Bokmål) or sjukehus (Nynorsk).
  7. You will get hits also for inflected forms. In addition to common entry forms, as hus and katt, you will also find inflected forms, as huset, husene (Bokmål) or husa (Nynorsk) and katten, katter, kattene (Bokmål) or katten, kattar, kattane (Nynorsk).
  8. If you are searching for words consisting of merely one or two letters, LEXIN will look only for entry words written exactly like your search word.
  9. You may see up to ten hits simulaneously. LEXIN will strive to display the best hits first.
  10. If LEXIN's search engine doesn't find anything, it will look for similar words, just in case you may have misspelled the search word. In such cases there will be no yellow in the search result(s).
  11. English is accessible as a third and auxiliary language in the dictionaries with Norwegian Bokmål or Nynorsk together with a foreign language. If you e.g. search in the Bokmål–Urdu–Bokmål dictionary, you will see translations into both Urdu and English. In case your search word has not been translated into Urdu, you may still see an English translation. The reason for this is that the number of words in the Norwegian and English dictionary material exceeds the number of words in the other languages in LEXIN.
  12. If you search in a dictionary with Norwegian and a foreign language, you can now also search for words in the foreign language. For instance, if you search in the Bokmål–Somali–Bokmål dictionary, you can search for Somali words. You can also search for English words. But if you rather want to search in Bokmål only, or Somali only, use the buttons below the search field to restrict the search.
  13. If you should encounter any problems when using LEXIN, please select Help in the top menu. There you may read about how to download and install fonts for Tigrinya and Kurdish, in case your computer does not automatically support these.
  14. Contact us if you have any questions or encounter problems in your use of LEXIN